Early Start for Autism - Individualised Tailor Made Early Intervention
Early Intervention and Autism Spectrum Conditions
Research indicates that for children experiencing a developmental delay, early intervention should commence as soon as possible. Even before a formal diagnosis has been made, very young children can benefit from targeted intervention that focuses on developing communication, language, interaction and play.
In addition, early intervention  can also lead to improvements in core areas of deficit in autism spectrum conditions. 
A consistent finding in research studies is that different children with autism respond in different ways to any given treatment or intervention program. Therefore, it is important to note that there is no single program that will suit all children with autism and their families.
There is however evidence to suggest that there are substantial short and long term benefits from early, intensive, family-based treatment programs, whatever their theoretical basis, so long as these are appropriately adapted to the child's pattern of strengths and weaknesses and take account of family circumstances.
I work using a child centred and child specific approach, and am not allied to one single intervention. I use a mix of well researched behavioural and developmental methods in my work, and all teaching is undertaken through play based activities.
This particular mixed but focused approach to early intervention has recently shown to have the most effective results within the 12 - 48 month age group. (Early Start Denver Model, MIND institute, California)
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