Early Start for Autism - Individualised Tailor Made Early Intervention
“We feel strongly that Ruth has been directly responsible for huge improvements in many aspects of Oscar’s development. There are many other ways in which Ruth has helped us as a family. She is a great expert in her field and it is wonderful to be able to talk to her regularly, to voice concerns and ask questions. Ruth always has what I feel to be the ‘right’ answer for each particular question. Often she will research and reflect further upon a particular question and will email and discuss fully her conclusions. The extent of her wide breadth of knowledge and practice from drama therapy to music therapy is always evident as she draws on various elements to suit the appropriate issue. Ruth is always warm, friendly and open in the way that she works with Oscar.
Oscar's Mum
Ruth has hands on experience of many approaches to autism and her greatest strength is that she is not 'tied in' either financially or emotionally to any one method of teaching and is therefore in a unique position to offer independent advice on how to set up a program of work and therapy for your child. She has an enormous enthusiasm for autism education and research, and is a seemingly endless fund of knowledge on any aspect of her subject. Ruth also manages to share her knowledge without patronising or talking down to the parent - a sign in itself that the knowledge is well founded...We have noticed definite improvements in Thomas' speech since starting work with Ruth and he is now able to work at a table for periods of 30 minutes, something which previously had not been possible. We find the progress reports and 'future objectives setting' that Ruth offers to be an invaluable part of her approach - as although there is no 'magic bullet' for Autism, it is vitally important that all progress be properly quantifed and recorded."
Thomas' Mum
"Ruth was recommended to me by someone on Mumsnet. We contacted her and she came out to meet with us and Angus. I was particularly impressed by the tailored approach she uses-parts of ABA, VB and Early Start Denver Model, all of which are appropriate for Angus's development. Ruth took time getting to know Angus and his personality to ensure her approach would be both attractive and motivating for him. We have noticed a big improvement in Angus's development which we believe is down to Ruth and her ability to engage him. She has a flexible, non judgemental approach and provides an outstanding professional service and support, not only to Angus but to us as parents too. "
Angus' Mum
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