Early Start for Autism - Individualised Tailor Made Early Intervention
About Us
I am a GTCS registered primary  teacher and trained Montessori teacher with an MA in Autism and Education Studies (University of Northumbria, 2006) and a pending Doctorate in Education (University of Edinburgh).

 I am also a researcher with a growing portfolio of published work and a wealth of knowledge and experience in Autism and related conditions, having worked with children and young people with ASD and Aspergers Syndrome in a variety of nursery, school and home settings since 1999.

 I have most recently undertaken training at the MIND institute in California in the newly researched Early Start Denver Model and am, to my knowledge, the only UK based practitioner working toward fidelity in this approach.
I can provide the following:
  • Independent educational assessments and reports.
  • Tailor made home intervention and teaching plans.
  • Regular 1:1 play based therapy sessions. (Scotland and further afield) 

  • Intensive communication and language progammes (including PECS and Sign as augmentative communication systems)
  • Parent training and coaching.
  • Nursery support and staff training.
  • Post diagnosis information and support.
  • Support and consultancy for distance clients across the UK and Europe- including home intervention packages, tutor training and regular monthly follow up visits to track and monitor progress.
Although there is no 'one size fits all' approach to intervention, children who are given the right support at an early age can go on to make significant progress.
 I believe that all children need the opportunity to develop to their full potential- whatever that may be.
“Most mommies and daddies tell me “I thought there was a problem at 14 or 15 months...and they told me let’s wait and see because sometimes some kids grow out of it.’ Well, that’s not a good answer. We’ve got to make the distinction between less important problems, where we can wait and see from core problems, which involve a lack of reciprocity and a lack of getting to know your world. For these core problems, we have to act on it yesterday. We can’t wait nine months, we can’t wait two months.”
(Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D., Child Psychiatrist)
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